The pandemic has demanded some amount of sensitivity from all of us. It has unveiled some huge gaps in our society, making us more human in the process. Celebrities too have been trying to their bit, but sometimes they may appear insensitive when only trying to share.

Karan Johar apologised for his videos and posts during the lockdown, after he came across a video sarcastically calling out celebrities for their content and self-importance they were showing at this time. 

Karan Johar

Karan Johar apologises for lockdown posts and videos

There's no doubt, celebrities make us laugh and try to take the stress away from the situation. We all need morale boosters, they are also trying their best to be sensitive and humane as the Coronavirus pandemic draws on. 

However, many are questioning the nature of their content, and whether their privileged viewpoints really benefit people. Recently, a touching video was making the rounds, which showed how celebrities are not really helping the situation and that at this point, they are really just being insensitive. 

Karan Johar who came across the video was suddenly hit with his own conscience. He shared the video on Twitter and addressed his followers, saying that he had only meant to share his content, like videos of his children, his intention wasn't to be insensitive and apologised profusely for any hurt unintentionally caused.

The Bollywood director's tweet read, "This hit me hard and I have realised many of my posts may have been insensitive to many...I apologise profusely and wish to add none of it was intentional and came from a place of sharing but clearly may have lacked emotional foresight sorry!" 

Netizens are commenting on his tweet asking him not to be too hard on himself. Maybe the time is serious, but we all need a break sometimes, so what's the harm in smiling at Roohi and Yash's antics? Perhaps we need a bit of everything, just with more heart and less hurt.