Supercell, the developer behind the tower defence and collectible card game mash-up, "Clash Royale," has clarified that it would not "mute or delete" the emotes button in the game though it is one of the "highly requested change."

The emotes button lets people express anguish, happiness or sadness during the game and immediately after the game gets over, sometimes provoking the opponent. However, this is exactly what the developer intends to generate among players.

The developer noted its core design principle as follows:

"Cards that evoke strong emotions are the best thing for Clash Royale. Cards such as Sparky, the Royal Giant and the X-Bow are great examples. They evoke strong positive and strong negative emotions from people. We don't want cards that are just 'good' or 'OK.' We want cards that people will love — and inevitably when someone loves a card, someone else will hate it. These are the cards that create the most interesting conversations and will keep Clash Royale fun and fresh for years to come!" Supercell said in a blog post.

It further noted that it wants to continue evoking strong emotions among its players and that is the reason it disagrees with fans on implementing the mute option. It also noted that even among the development team some have hated the emotes while some have loved them but it believes that "strong emotions are integral to the core of the game."

It also added that the emotes icon reminds players that they are playing against other humans and not against an AI or algorithm. The emotes allow them to communicate without the barriers in language or culture.

It also said that it does not expect everyone of them to agree with them and it even knows that many do not agree. Nevertheless, the company does not want to change its core design principle just because some fans are getting provoked.

We suggest that Supercell could add a new revenge button, where the player could request a revenge match with the opponent whose celebration might have been a tad provoking.