A new sneak peek for "Clash Royale," the freemium mash-up between tower defence and collectible card game from developers Supercell, has revealed new content for its July update.

Before every new update, Supercell teases the new features via sneak peek. The sneak peeks were announced on its official social media forums.

Sneak Peek 1: New Arena

July update would be getting a new arena called Frozen Peak, which brings the winter to the arena. It includes an icy mountain and the open field looking like skating arenas.

However, players are able to enter the arena only after they have reached 2300 trophies. The new arena will be placed between Royal and Legendary Arena.

Sneak Peek 2: Four New Cards

Supercell revealed that July update is expected to feature four new cards, namely Ice Spirit (common), Bowler (epic). The post does not reveal the troops that would be behind the other two cards.

Apart from this, it is also rumoured to add five new achievements.

Supercell has already revealed that it would be introducing new in-game tournaments. Earlier, it had revealed that the game would be getting balance changes on July 4.

Supercell's official Reddit forum revealed that players will be able to take the arena of their choice when they participate in friendly battles. The July update is rumoured to arrive on July 4.