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"Clash Royale," Supercell's tower defence and collectible card game mash-up has received a new Balance Change update to the popular video game. The Balance Changes are currently live.

Supercell, in its post, has said that it has also fixed a rare bug that would gift the player who buys a full stack (3) of Legendary Cards from the Shop a random amount of bonus Gold. The developer noted that it will be lowering the Legendary Card stack size in the Ship to 2 as a temporary fix. It assured players that it will be getting back to the stack size 3 when they have fixed it in the next update.

The new balance changes bring several modifications to the cards. The post on the official Supercell Forum noted that the developer will be showing "love" for new cards.

Here are the changes that will reflect in the game:

  • Royal Giant: Damage decreased by 4 percent. Supercell said that it will keep an eye on him, and he is only being "reined him in a bit."
  • Freeze: Duration decreased by 1 second. Hog+Freeze make for a devastating combination. So a mild change to Freeze could "shake" things up, the developer noted.
  • Furnace: Elixir cost decreased to 4 (from 5), hitpoints decreased by 14 percent and lifetime decreased to 40 seconds (from 50 seconds). Since Furnace had a low use rate, the developer decided to lower the Elixir cost, decreasing hitpoints and lifetime, making it look attractive.
  • Fire Spirits: Area Damage radius increased by 25 percent. These changes are to make it more "reliable."
  • Guards: Hitpoints and damage increased by 8 percent
  • Miner: Hitpoints increased by 6 percent. Though it is a fun card, players are not using him much, so increasing the Hitpoints could give players options to use it.
  • Lava Hound: Hitpoints increased by 3 percent
  • Lava Pups: Hitpoints increased by 9 percent
  • Elixir Collector: Hitpoints decreased by 9 percent. Using this card seemed natural to those on the top so Supercell has decreased its Hitpoints so that players do not feel it as an obvious choice.
  • Knight: Hitpoints increased by 10 percent. Players have overlooked the functionality of Knight and his use rates overall are lower. This change will bring him back to the Arena.
  • Bomber: Damage increased by 10 percent. Bomber, according to Supercell is "underrepresented," and the change will make players use him more.
  • Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 5 percent
  • Tesla: Hitpoints increased by 5 percent. Supercell is interested to see players use more of Tesla than Cannon, hence they have lowered Cannon's hitpoints and increased Tesla's.
  • Golem and Golemite: Hitpoints increased by 5 percent
  • Witch: Damage increased by 10 percent. Players on the top levels do not use Witch more often and this might change with this update.
  • Skeletons (affects Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Witch, Skeletons): Hitpoints and damage increased by 5 percent
  • Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 10 percent. Due to the existence of Prince cards, Tombstone is used less.
  • Card Upgrade XP: Fixed for Epic and Legendary Cards