"Clash Royale," the mobile game from developer Supercell, is a mash-up between a tower defence and collectible card game. It is now all set to get a new update that will bring balance changes on May 3, according to Supercell Forum post.

The new update will bring several changes, namely increase in Royal Giant's range, decrease in the Cannon's Hitpoints and more.

The new update will increase the deployment of the Mortar from the present 3 seconds to 5 seconds, and damage is decreased by 10 percent. This is because the Mortar was considered too powerful for 4 Elixir.

Bomb Tower lifetime to be decreased from 60 seconds to 40 seconds as the Bomb Tower was a difficult to deal with in the low to mid Arenas.

Hitpoints of Elixir Collector will be decreased by 20 percent, because of the high use rate at the top Arenas. It has been almost an obvious choice in many of the player's decks.

Cannon's hitpoints will be decreased by 11 percent as it is offering too much value for 3 Elixir.

The update will be increasing the Royal Giant's range by 1. This is being done to make him more useful in the matches. There has reportedly been a low use rate.

Common and Rare Cards will be mirrored 1 level higher, which is expected to boost Mirror's overall value and appeal.

Valkyrie to be affected when hit by Fireball. This is being bought about for consistency with other small to medium sized troops.

Mini P.E.K.K.A will be affected when hit by Fireball.

Other changes include:

  • We [Supercell] fixed a bug where the handling of attack ranges wasn't consistent with different sized units. Due to this the range values will appear to be smaller than before for some units in the next update, but their ranges are all effectively the same as before.
  • When two units with the same range encountered each other, they didn't always attack at the same time - this has been fixed.
  • The King Tower's range appears to have been decreased, but it hasn't!