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Developer Supercell has detailed the changes it will be addressing in its May update for "Clash Royale," a game that is a mash-up between a tower defence and a collectible card game. The changes assured by the developer would make the gameplay consistent with Tournament Rules.

Presently, the max level gameplay does not reflect the Tournament Rules gameplay, Supercell noted in its forum post and promised the following changes:

  • Legendary level cap: 5 (from 6)
  • Epic level cap: 8 (stays the same)
  • Rare level cap: 11 (from 10)
  • Common level cap: 13 (from 12)
  • King level cap: 13 (from 12)

The developer said it believes in Tournament Rules as the basis for competitive "Clash Royale" play. The changes, it said, would bring consistency in experience for players either at the top or in Friendly Battle within the Clan.

Apart from above changes, Supercell intends to bring some complementary changes, namely:

Reduction in the amount of Epic Cards in order to upgrade from level 7 to level 8, and this would mean that the cards will come down from 300 to 200 cards. Those players who are above the cap limit will automatically get Gem refunds for every card that is over the cap.

Legendary Cards to appear "occasionally" in Shop, once players reach Legendary Arena. Legendary Cards are very difficult to obtain but this new upgrade may give them a chance to own one.

Supercell informed players of "Clash Royale" that it is re-working the Gold cost of cards in the Shop so that it is scaled in linear fashion and not in exponential terms as it currently is.

The next update, the developer said, will be released in early May.