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"Clash Royale," the freemium mash-up between tower defence and collectible card game, has added more sneak peeks ahead of July update from developer Supercell.

The July update is expected to get some new content that will create excitement among fans of "Clash Royale."

Previously, Supercell had teased two new features – New Arena and four new Cards for the mobile game.

Sneak Peek 1: New Arena

The July update is expected to get a new Frozen Peak Arena, which will bring winter to the game. However, players will be able to enter the arena only after they have reached 2300 trophies. The new arena will be placed between Royal and Legendary Arena.

Meanwhile, Supercell noted in its Reddit forum post that the players would be given the option to choose from the Arenas that are in the game, including the new ones.

Meanwhile, Supercell also noted in its official Forum post that it has moved the TV Royale to middle screen (Battle tab) and it would be featuring top players in the Legendary Arena channel, more frequently.

Sneak Peek 2: Four New Cards

The company revealed that the July update would get four new cards, out of which two cards were named - Ice Spirit (common), Bowler (epic) and two more were to be a surprise.

Supercell's Reddit post revealed that the profile of the players would be displaying the "last" used Battle Deck from any battle, but it would not be the one that players have currently selected.

The Forum post revealed that Supercell has added a new sort button to the Card Collection, allowing players to sort by Arena, Elixir cost or rarity.

Sneak Peek 3: Two New Legendaries

There will be two new Legendaries in the July update, namely Lumberjack and The Log.

Lumberjack is known to chop trees by the day and hunt The Log by night, and when he dies, he spills bottle of Rage all over the place.

The Log is nothing but an enraged tree trunk turned into "The Log" because of the spilt bottle of Rage. The Log's only motive is to seek revenge by crushing anything that comes on its path.

And in Reddit post, it was revealed that the Log hunts The Lumberjack by crushing anything in its path.

Sneak Peek 4: Tournaments

Tournaments are one of the biggest features in July update, which can be unlocked at level 8. Players will be able to battle nearby players to win big Tournament Chests.

The official Forum post revealed that the biggest Tournament Chests contain guaranteed Legendary Cards.

The Reddit post from the company noted that players will be able to spectate tournament games from any tournament and it is not just the one that players are playing.

Another Reddit post has revealed that the largest Tournament Chest has 500 epics and 3000 rares guaranteed. 

The July update is rumoured to be released on July 4 and there would also be balance changes that would drop in the same day.