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"Clash Royale" is the latest mobile game from the developers of "Clash of Clans," Supercell. The game is a mash-up of card game and tower defence. The players use their cards to summon soldiers who then attack the enemy castles.

"Clash Royale" is an online multiplayer that brings up soldiers from the "Clash of Clans" inventory. Initially, the game was rolled out to only some users, but since March 4, the game has been available to everyone worldwide. Following its Jan. 4 release, the game was made available on iOS and Android devices.

Here are the guide, tips and tricks that will help "Clash Royale" to perform well in the game:

Once the battle is declared, the players must wait for the Exlixir bar to fill up. This will be very crucial in the game as the player will have an advantage of deploying the right card to counter the enemy. The Clash Royal Arena advices players to deploy their cards just before or after the Elixir bar is filled up.

It is a good idea to start the battle with a low Elixir costing card, since it will start with slower tempo, which is an important factor to win.

If players want to load their Elixir, even as they deploy the cards, it is good idea that they release them behind your Arena Towers. Since, they will take time to reach the opposite side and by then the Elixir bar too will be loaded up.

If you are attacking, then you can opt for either of the two Arena Towers. It is better the player concentrates on bringing down one Tower at a time than trying to take out two Towers. The Tower with the lowest HP must be the first target. But if the rival sends his soldiers to the one of your arena, the player must focus on defending his/her tower rather than attack the enemy tower.

The player must also try to shift the focus of the rival from a weaker Tower to that of a healthier one. This can be done by attacking the rival's tower that is not opposite your weaker Tower, if your left Tower is weaker, try attacking the rival's right Tower with a powerful combination, like Giant + Musketeer. So the rival will have to concentrate on this side. Keep attacking this side of this Tower, as it will give you a better field to confront the opponent and perhaps save the weaker Tower.

For a powerful attack to take place, the player has to deploy soldiers in combinations. For example, deploying a Giant with Archers or Musketeers is a good idea.

It is important for the players to know that there are four different classification types of troop cards:

  • Ground troop – that which can attack from land.
  • Air troop – that which can attack from air.
  • Melee troop – those that have hand-to-hand combat.
  • Range troop – those that can attack from a distance.

There are two types of damage inflicting cards: "Point damage" (damage to a single troop or building) and "area or splash damage" (damage to multiple troops or buildings). Point damage cards include Musketeer, Prince, Archer, Mini Pekka and others. Area damage cards include Bomber, Valkyrie, Witch, Baby Dragon, Arrow, Fireball and others.

Players must note that area damage cards are weakest in the game and is better utilised against enemy troops that come in big numbers, like the low HP troops of Skeletons, Goblins, Barbarians and more.

Players must use point damage cards to attack higher HP troops. So, players can take down a Giant by using Mine Pekka.

"Clash Royale" Chests drop rate

The game drops different chests following a battle win. There is the Magical Chest, Gold Chest, Silver Chests.

So many fans wanted to know what the drop rate is. Clash Royale Arena notes that Asdamp has found the chest order list by digging game files. Interested people can check here for the Chest drop order.

There are a total of 240 chests, and during the training, players get six wooden chests.

Facts about the King's Tower and should it be attacked?

"Clash Royale" players must note that the HP of the King's Tower is greater than that of the Arena Towers. So it is advisable that the players attack the Arena Tower instead of the King's Tower.

When the battle begins, the King is sleeping in his Castle, so he won't be assisting the other two Towers unless, one of the Towers is destroyed and if the King's Tower is attacked. Once he is awake, the King will start using his cannon against the rivals.

So players should avoid touching the King's Tower when they launch Arrow card or Fireball card.

Once a player destroys one of the Arena Towers, it is a safer bet to destroy the other Tower instead of taking on the King. But if the King's Tower has lower HP, then they can go in straight for the King. Another time when King can be targeted is you as a player have lost both the Arena Towers. In such instances, target the King's Tower. Taking the King out, wins the battle for you, Clash Royal Arena noted.

 Guide to use Gems in "Clash Royale":

Clash Royal Arena has tabulated the Chests found in the game:

Name Unlocking time Gem Timer Description
Silver Chest 3 Hours 18 Gems Fewest Cards that are common. Players can get Rare, Epic or even Legendary Cards but they are extremely rare.
Golden Chest 8 Hours 48 Gems Players can get one of these after every 5 wins. Players can expect Rare Cards from Golden Chest. Epic and Legendary Cards are pretty rare.
Giant Chest 12 Hours 72 Gems Players get lot of common cards, few Rare Cards and a small chance of Epic/Legendary Cards.
Magical Chest 12 Hours 72 Gems Players can get a few Epic and Legendary Cards from Magical Chest.
Super Magical Chest 24 Hours 144 Gems Tons of Common and Rare Cards, couples of Epic Cards, a few Legendary Cards!This chest allows players to get lot of Common and Rare Cards, couple of Epic Cards and a few Legendary Cards.

Players should save their Gems for using them in the future for any game-changing buys they can make. One of the goals for players is to get level 3 Epic Cards, level 6 Rare Cards and level 8 Common Cards.

Points players should know:

  • Players of "Clash Royale" need to push for the higher arenas and more rewards as it will be fetch them cards in the Chest that has not yet been unlocked.
  • Once a player reaches level 3, he/she can join a Clan.
  • Free Chests are dropped every four hours, and Crown Chest every 24 hours.
  • Players can request cards in the Clan every eight hours.

Guide to recover lost "Clash Royale" account:

Step 1: Open Clash Royale, go to the menu Settings then choose Help and Support.

Step 2: In the menu Help and Support, tap on the Contact Us button on the top-right screen.

Step 3: Use the message form to contact the support in game:

Hi Supercell Support team,

I have lost my Clash Royale account. Please help me recover it. Here are my lost account details:

– My Username is

– My account level is

– My Clan name is

Thank you very much!