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"Clash Royale" is a mobile video game that is a mash up between tower defence and collectible card game. It is from the makers of "Clash of Clans" -- Supercell. A new report from Newzoo, a market intelligence firm, noted that this game, which was released in March, has generated over $80 million in revenue across iOS and Android platforms, and according to its predictions for the next 12 months, the company could be a "billion-dollar-a-year franchise."

It noted that this $80 million figure does not include the 30 percent cut given to Apple and Google for app sales on their respective stores. The report noted how consumers spent over $110 million worldwide, trying out this new title.

It was also highlighted that the game was successful in monetising its players; it let them buy gold and chests in games, which would allow new cards to be unlocked and upgrade the ones they already had. However, players are able to max out without having to pay for it, but it will take longer, probably years.

Additionally, the roll-out of "Clash Royale" has almost no effect on the company's revenue from its flagship game "Clash of Clans." This mash up game is yet to be released on Android in China.

The report noted "Clash Royale" as being #1 in key mobile market in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Germany. In most of the other countries, it is within the top 10 spot.

Meanwhile, the report noted how the U.S. and China were big markets for Supecell. It noted that over 50 percent of the iOS revenue for the game came from the U.S. and China.

The report further noted that "Clash Royale" as the leader in download rankings too. It ranked #1 in Europe and the U.S., and #2 in China.