Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans is a combat strategy game.Supercell

Clash of Clans has gained popularity among smartphone and tablet gamers for its clear graphics and interesting gameplay. Developer Supercell released the game first on iTunes Store in August 2012 and on Google Play in October 2013. The game is now one of the most popular combat strategy games.  

The game is available for free download. The idea of the game is players have to build their village, expand it and keep upgrading. They can join clans and support their attacks. It also offers players chance to buy gems that are hard to get, by paying via real money.

Supercell is now a $3billion company because of the success of the game. It was reported that the game makes $654,000 a day. The game is available for download on iPad, iPod, iPhone and Andoid devices.

Here are some tips and tricks to outsmart your enemies and lead your clan to victory in Clash of Clans.

1. Patience Brings Victory -

Players must have the patience in the game since as they progress everything in the game takes time, and longer it gets, players will be forced to either speed their production or buy some gems to help them cruise through at a faster rate. But players must be careful not to fall for these temptations. Players have to use gems after thinking if they really need to spend that and if the spending it is worth it.

2. Achievements Work -

Players must not feel jealous of other players who would have paid up to get gems, instead player can earn Achievement Points that can be used to fasten the progress. If a player gets 1250 trophies then he will be earn 250 gems. Players can also clean up trees, rocks, logs and mushroom to earn some quick gems, but yes they will be very less. But patience pays.

3. Plan up Your Attacks -

Players have to plan their attacks and defenses very carefully. If a player gets two stars or more than 50 percent of the resources then, he wins, so be cautious when you plan your attacks or your defenses. Players thinking about defensive strategy must upgrade their mortar and air defenses and keep them close to the middle and see that they have enough cover or protection. Players planning on going offensive can upgrade their town hall and go for upping the elixir production. Next upgrade our barracks and camps. When going in for the attack, drag out the clan members and heroes of the enemy using bait and then use a thunder spell to crush them to death.

4.  Go for the Weak Players -

Players must always choose who they attack as a player with higher town hall level might be an unlikely choice. Go for players who are lower than you. Though you will have a smaller resource collection you will inevitably earn the much wanted trophies. Going for the weaker player will guarantee a victory. Players will have to know which one to fight and which one to pass.

5. Fortify your Village -

All players of the Clash of Clan must fortify their village with walls that can be upgraded. Players need to have as many walls between their resources and the outside. Make sure that there are no free space in the area of the fortification and have all your units close together and have them covered with cannons and other defenses. Make sure you have enough buffer zone between the outer wall and the center.

6. Max Out the Army Camps -

Before you take a break from the game see that your Army Camps are all maxed out and more are queued up. This will help you save some of the elixir for your own use rather than let others loot your hard earned resources. So queue up your barracks and when you take them out of the queue the elixir is all restored.

7. Clan Castle must be Used Wisely -

Players need to plan how they use it as from level 2 and up they are very useful when attacked by the enemy's Barbarian King or Archer Queen. Ask your clan members what you want and make sure your clan members are responsive for your requests. Also keep donating to help them sail through their problems too. Castles are an important part of the combat strategy so use them wisely.

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Source: iMore and TouchArcade