• Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans will include Clan Tags feature in Halloween update.Facebook
  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans will soon be releasing Halloween update.Facebook

Upcoming Halloween update for Clash of Clans continues its Sneak Peek videos and the latest one reveals that Clan Tags feature will be included in the new update.

Supercell has shared a video on the upcoming Halloween update on its official Facebook page. The video says that Supercell has now added Clan Tags to all the clans, which will help players to search for individual clans.

Previously, the game would pull up all the same clan names and players had to search by opening each clan. However, with the addition of the Clan Tag feature in the Halloween update, the search becomes easier.

These tags can be used in-game and on social media. It will have a hashtag, unique numbers and alphabets irrespective of the clan size. These Clan Tags are generated automatically and will be unique. Clans will not be able to change their tag. 

Supercell also shared on a post that said, "Soon each clan will have a unique tag! Having troubles finding a specific clan? Do a search via hashtag and get the exact result you need."

Supercell revealed that Clash of Clans, a strategy mobile game will be getting Halloween update that will be bringing the Halloween festivities to the game. Features like Lightning Spells with swirling bats graphics, shrubbery with Jack O'Lanterns, Halloween Headstones will be part of the update. The update will also be inclusive of a new Clan Settings with Advanced Clan Search feature and improvement boosters.

Supercell will also have to fix certain issues that Clash of Clans players have been complaining about - Loot issues. The problem being faced is mostly with players who have weaker troops. Many players with stronger troops have commented that the loot issue is fixed for them with one of them saying: "Loots fine I get 200k every raid." "I have been getting 300k+ per raid!" added another.