Fresh from the recent set of Sneak Peeks from developer Supercell, where the tower defence video game, Clash of Clans is confirmed to get a new Town Hall 11 update, details have been revealed of a new Hero and achievements.

This follows a stream of new content that is coming in the upcoming update for Clash of Clans. Supercell revealed via YouTube users a new Hero, Grand Warden:

Grand Warden â€“ This will be the third Hero to the game and Grand Warden will be upgradable to level 20 using Elixir. Players will be able to use him for both air and ground attacks against their rivals.

Though Grand Warden has a comparatively lesser damage per second and hitpoints, it is the new ability he has, called Eternal Tome that make him special in-game.

Grand Warden has an orange aura/circle called Life Aura surrounding him and any of the other attackers who are in the circle will get HP boost.

When they exit the aura/circle it goes away. This will let the attackers that were in the circle to be "almost invulnerable" to the defences.

When this new Hero is dropped as an air mode, say with an Archer, the air defences will start targeting him than the Archers. This will let Archers survive for more time. But the Archers need to be in the orange aura.

The Eternal Tome ability will let troops to gain "temporary immunity" as they will be healed when this is in use. Though it might not protect them against traps it will be able to heal the wounds from Inferno Tower attacks.

Players must note that Grand Warden will be following those troops with more HP.

On the defence aspect, Grand Warden will be turning into a statue as he runs back to his podium when his town has been attacked. But he still possesses the Life Aura on defence.

All troops will be getting an HP boost until he is destroyed. This includes the King, Queen and Clan Castle troops.

He also possesses the ability to take on both air and ground attacks but in the statue form. He could be stronger on defence. Including this new Hero in the update will add as a defence booster to the game.

New Achievements detailed

Supercell has revealed some new achievements that will be coming to the game in Town Hall 11 update.

  1. Anti-Artillery: Players will be able to get this achievement by taking out 20 Eagle Artilleries in multiplayer battles.
  2. Sharing is Caring: Players will get this one if they donate spells worth 100 spell storage capacity to the friendly clan castle members.

New Healers

There will changes in the way healers look where there will be a reduced effectiveness of multiple healers on the same target.