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"Clash of Clans," the popular tower defence video game from developer Supercell, is expected to get a new Friendly Challenge update soon.

The Friendly Challenge update is expected to bring a new feature that will allow clanmates to fight against each other out of goodwill, letting them practice or compete with the other clanmates.

Perhaps one of the best features of this challenge is the fact that these are unlimited and will not cost any gold or it will not consume any of the Troops, Spells, Heroes or Traps. But at the same time, the players will also be unable to earn resources, Trophies or any bonus.

Supercell explained the new update in a post on its official blog.

Inviting Friendly Challenge â€“ Any player can invite clanmates to attack their village. To do this, they can head to Clan chat and apart from this, there is the "Challenge" button that has to be clicked. Players will also be able to select from the saved layouts. They can also add a custom text on their post for an invitation to attack.

Once the player posts his invitation to attack, anyone from the clan can accept it and they can launch an attack from the layout the player has previously chosen.

The attacking player will not be able to steal the resources or the Trophies in Friendly Challenge. They will also not be losing their troops.

Accepting a Friendly Challenge â€“ When clanmates accept a challenge, they will be attacking the village of the clanmate with the army that they currently have. Players will also be able to check the replay and results of the attack on the Clan chat. They can even watch it live.

Supercell has said that this challenge will let players "improve attacking skills, perfect your defensive layouts, experiment with different troops or just have fun."

Moreover, as part of the challenge, "Clash of Clan" members get special 1-Gem resource boost until the update goes live. Currently, the 1-Gem resource boost is live.