Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders
Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders, Supercell Launched a TV Commercial.Youtube/Screenshot

There is no doubt that mobile strategy game "Clash of Clans" is one of Supercell's top-grossers due to its popularity and ease of play. No wonder, Supercell has something new for its fans on a regular basis.

The official Facebook page of "Clash of Clans" revealed that fans can now send Clash GIFs to their clans. This can be done via Riffsy's GIF Keyboard. It will entail players to download the app that will enable them to send the GIFs. Interested fans can try it here and let us know if it has helped them.

There was another post on the page on a Archer song from YouTuber, nickatnyte. The "Clash of Clans" page said it loved the "awesome soundtrack."

Fans can check out the song below:

(YouTube Courtesy: nickatnyte)

Post Air-Sweeper update, the company hosted a live steamed YouTuber War Challenge between two clan teams - Purple Cobras and Total Damage.

Supercell has revealed that it focuses on only few game titles and terminates those that do not catch up among fans, so that it remains one of the top-grossing game companies in the world, Reuters reported.

'Call in the Cavalry' Advert Takes Top Place

This week's ad engagement chart was dominated by Clash of Clans' 'Call in the Cavalry' TV spot advertisement, reported Adweek.

According to the report, "Ride of the Hog Riders: Call in the Cavalry" took the "top spot" and commanded 12.47% digital Share of Voice (SOV). It had 17 million online views and 110,000 social actions.

Another advertisement from "Clash of Clan", "Balloon Parade" came third in the top 10 most-engaging ads of the week. This advertisement had a 4.51% SOV rating with more than 6 million online views and over 40,000 social actions.

(YouTube Courtesy: Clash of Clans)