Clash of Clans
New update has been added to Clash of Clans.Clash of Clans/Facebook

Developer Supercell has released a new update for strategy mobile game Clash of Clan that will introduce War Base layout and War Base Edit Mode to the game.

The developer had teased that the new features will be added to the strategy game on 14 May, and today it has released the details of the update.

Supercell announced new features like War Base layout, War Base Edit Mode and improvement in stats, features and interface. These features will add depth to the popular game.

The new features will allow players to make a separate layout for their War Base. The added feature will remain the same after every war and players will not require acting on it. The War Base Edit Mode will be made available only on the preparation day and will be locked during battle day. Toggling between the village and War Base will be possible after the upgrade.

The stats in your Clan will get a boost as the developer has added new features. It includes replays for heroic victory and defense in the War Stats. Also being improved is the blue star button that will now show war-related stats.

The new update will allow players to dismiss troops donated to the War Base Clan Castle, if they do not meet your expectations. Players will be able to see the clan chat activities of their leader on the matchmaking. Numbers will be provided in war map for better identification and the "!" notification will appear only once during war preparation.

Interface improvements include the addition of Russian language, making the village edit mode available at Town Hall 3 and improvements in start war screen button layout and behavior. The update will also be fixing a bug in the spell factory capacity said the studio's post.

The new Edit Mode will clear away the irritation that persisted with the War Base layouts. Supercell has not revealed the date when the update will roll out but it might be pretty soon.

Additionally, players will be able to make 5,000 gems for their clan members, if they participate in the Clan Wars Karaoke contest. Players will have to make their own version of the Clan Wars Hogrider video. The deadline ends on 16 May, said the developer in a post on the official forum.

Here are the full update notes for Clash of Clans (Clash of Clans Forum):

War Base layout and War Base Edit Mode -

  • Been wanting to keep a separate layout for your War Base? Now you can!
  • Your War Base layout now has a life of its own and will persist from war to war without the need to touch your regular village.
  • War Base Edit Mode is available on the Clan War map during preparation day only. Layouts are still locked during battle day.
  • Upgrades in your village are still automatically applied to your War Base, but remember to place any new buildings into your War Base layout!
  • Even if you're upgrading your Inferno Tower or X-Bow in your village, you can toggle between different modes in your War Base.

Clan Wars stats improvements -

  • All new War Stats tab shows lots of new cool war statistics. Find it under the blue star button after battle day begins.
  • Most heroic victory and most heroic defense replays for each team are featured in the War Stats!
  • Improved Clan war info pages under the blue star button are now outfitted with war related stats instead of general clan stats.
  • See information about total war attacks, defenses and war stars won per member in these Clan war info pages.

Clan Wars feature improvements –

  • Dismiss donated troops from your War Base Clan Castle if they don't meet your standards!
  • See in the clan chat when a leader or co-leader starts or cancels Clan War matchmaking.
  • Each base on the war map is now numbered to help you find bases easier.
  • The ! notification icon on the war button will appear only once per war during preparation (instead of every session).

Interface improvements –

  • Russian language is now supported in game settings!
  • Fixed a display bug in spell factory capacity when scouting in war.
  • A notification will appear in clan chat if Clan War matchmaking fails to find an opponent.
  • Village edit mode available at Town Hall 3 (previously was 4).
  • "Request/Full" texts are visible on the clan castle even while under upgrade.
  • Improved the start war screen button layout and behavior.