Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans has an optional update.Facebook

Following the release of a new Air Sweeper update for the popular strategy mobile game, Clash of Clans, an optional update was announced on 5 May 2015.

Developer Supercell confirmed on its official Facebook page that fans playing its freemium game will now be able to access an optional update. This update was released to fix some issues that cropped up, following the latest update that brought a string of new features in the game that includes The Air Sweeper (a new anti-air defence system), Clan bookmark (army preview before Clan War attack) interface, gameplay and matchmaking improvements.

The update, developer said, did not need a maintenance break and that those interested can just get it from their app store.

Known Issues in Air Sweeper Update

Many of the players who have been on the game have reported various issues affecting the game, following the new Air Sweeper update.

Supercell has said that it is developing a new Android build that will be released soon. This it said will be able to fix the crashing/won't load issues that many players have complained. It said that players will have to update the Clash of Clans to a new version 7.65.5 (Android only) when the version is made available.

The company named the two issues that it is currently working on:

  • In rare cases, Heroes may get stuck during war defences if their patrol path falls precisely in the centre of a Tesla building. Heroes become unstuck if the respective Tesla is destroyed. Temporary "solution": to move Teslas out of the path of your Heroes (change layout a bit).
  • Defensive towers get stuck and do not shoot in special conditions, even if there are troops in their range (happens in both normal village and war). Towers will become "stuck" on an enemy unit that goes out of their range or that disappears suddenly (Queen mostly) and they fail to attack a nearby target instead.

It promised that the fix is "on its way."

Facebook user said that he is not able to access the game as it loads till the end, but stops immediately before completion.

So Supercell asked him to "make sure to download the latest update from the GooglePlay store, this should fix that issue."