Ever since Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans video game, announced that the game will get Town Hall 11 update, its players have been waiting for the update. But it has been customary for the developer to reveal what fans can expect in the update via YouTube sneak peeks.

Over the past two weeks we have been receiving details of several concepts that are part of the update. It has been confirmed that the Town Hall 11 update will be getting the following:

  • A new Hero – Grand Warden
  • Improved Healers
  • New Achievements
  • Witch Level 3
  • Minion Level 7
  • Extra Defences
  • Wizard Tower Level 9
  • Village Guard
  • Improvements in Shields
  • Personal Break Timer (PBT)
  • Loot
  • League Bonus
  • Better and larger storages
  • Trophy Rebalancing and more

That's not all. Supercell has detailed the new Eagle Artillery, that will be for the Town's defence for Town Hall 11 update.

Eagle Artillery: When players select the Eagle Artillery, they will get a circle and this circle defines its dead zone and its range covers the entire base. So the placing of Eagle Artillery will be crucial to its health. The dead zone will not

If attackers have entered its dead zone, then Eagle Artillery will not be able launch its attack on the invading party. This new defence will not activate until there are a minimum number of attacking troops.

We can see below that it has a new animation when it is defending; we see that the targeted attacker gets a hexagon when targeted.

This defence though is powerful but slower. We can only wait until it drops down to see how much damage it will do.