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"Clash of Clans," the popular tower defence mobile video game from developer Supercell, is gearing up to receive a new March update that the developer hopes will bring several changes in the game's gameplay.

Supercell has released its first sneak peek, which means that the March update will be released soon.

The first of the sneak peek shows what the "Clash of Clans" players can expect in the new defence levels of the game.

Supecell said that Inferno Towers and Mortal will have new levels, which also means that they will have a new visual look too. Supercell shared sneak peek #1 on its official Facebook page.

Speaking on the March update features, YouTube user Clash On Gan said that the update will be big. He said that the sneak peek #1 reveals five things:

Inferno Tower Level 4 â€“ The image shows Inferno Tower Level 4 with golden chains, and the moment we add chains, it looks scary. He notes that a single Inferno Tower might not be as effective as multiple Inferno Towers. But there could be a possibility of Inferno Tower damages scaling up later on.

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Mortar Level 9 â€“ The graphics for the Mortar Level 9 shows a chain tied on both the wheel. This mortar could prove to be a death knell to Archers and Barbarian troops in the game.

New air defence graphics â€“ The air defence rockets will not see any increase in damages or health rate, but there will only be changes in its graphics, which makes it look bigger, especially the pencil rockets.

Graphic change to Hero Altars â€“ All the three Hero altars in "Clash of Clans," Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Grand Warden, will see changes in the altars that they stand on. There will not be any change in the damages for these three Heroes.

New drop down tab to plan builder time allocation â€“ If players tap on the builder's icon on the top part of the home screen, a drop down tab opens, which will show the time left for each builder until he completes his task. This will allow players to strategically plan the builder task allocations and match the resources.

Previously, Supercell had confirmed that that March update will bring several changes in terms of gameplay, matchmaking, balancing, defences and more.