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"Clash of Clans," the popular tower defence mobile video game from developer Supercell, is gearing up to receive a new March update that the developer hopes will bring several changes in the game's gameplay.

Supercell had released its first sneak peek that had revealed that the game will get new defence levels. This feature will see Inferno Tower Level 4, Mortar Level 9, new air defence graphics, graphic change to Hero Altars and more.

Supercell has revealed via official Facebook post, sneak peak #2, #3 and #4 that will see the game getting new troop levels, addition of a new troop and the Bowler.

YouTube user Chief Pat revealed details of the sneak peek #2's new March update via video.

Town Hall 10 will see three new troop levels, the Hog Rider to Level 6, Goblin to Level 7and Valkyrie to 5.

Valkyries will see improved attack speed as well as buffed damages. They will sport a new fur coat. The update will bring more power to Valkyries, so players who face Valkyries must be really careful as they can defeat enemy buildings in no time.

The Goblins get a new mohawk and Hog Riders get spiked hammers as they level up. 

Poison Spell â€“ When the poison spell is dropped, the enemy attackers must be engaged in battle with the defenders or else the defending troops will move away from the spell area.

Also, clicking on the Loot Cart will now show the amount of loot that is available for players to collect.

In sneak peek #3, Supercell revealed that the "Clash of Clans" will get a new troop called the Bowler.

YouTube user Wicked Gaming revealed details of sneak peek #3's new March update via video.

Supercell will introduce a new Dark troop, Bowler, after nearly one-and-a-half year. The last new troop that the company introduced was Lava Hound.

The Bowler targets only ground troops and his damage type is Area Splash and speed is 14. He's got a good range and can hit up to two structures at a time. Bowlers can be used in multiple angles to take down rival buildings and defences. It will be effective that way.

In sneak peek #4, Supercell explains how the new Bowler troop will perform in defence.

YouTube user Wicked Gaming revealed details of the sneak peek #3's new March update via video on how the Bowler will perform in defence of the town.

Supercell mentioned in the Facebook post that Bowlers are "vulnerable against air troops and mass witches," so players need to plan their deployment strategically.

Attacking troops like Barbarians, Archers and Wizards are easy as they are all blown to smithereens from the Bowlers stone attacks. However, a dragon by air can easily take the Bowler out since the latter is not built for such attacks. It must also be noted that these Bowlers do not deal much damage on levelled up wall as they do on those at the lower ends.

The "Clash of Clans" March update will be arriving soon and Supercell has indicated that the game will go into maintenance soon.