Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans got a new Lava Hound update, bringing new units and updates.Facebook

The latest update, The Lava Hound for mobile strategy game Clash of Clans has generated a lot of interest in the game.

Below are some of the techniques that might help to take down the enemy in an offensive raid using the Lava Hound units.

YouTuber, Clash of Clans Attacks has posted a video showing his offensive strategy using the Lava Hound in battles against the enemy. Here are some advices from the YouTuber on a successful raid:

  • The line-up for the offensive raid will include Lava Hound units, Dragons, Balloons and Minions.
  • Players have to cautiously choose on the base for attack. Usually the first base that comes up might be heavily defended.
  • Check out for the air defences in the enemy village.
  • Attack from the weaker side.
  • Drop two Lava Hound units on two different sides of the fortification, near the air defences and then back it up with enough dragons and later with two groups of balloons.
  • Use your rage spell to make your troops gain entry into the town hall.
  • Keep a check on when the inferno goes dry. This will help players to drop in more powerful units like the King and Queen.
  • The minions are not much of a use, however, they can be used as distractions.
  • Players have to wait until the overall damage from the raid hits 50 percent. Only they are good to bring in either the King or Queen or both.

(YouTube Coutesy: Clash of Clans Attacks)

Use of Lava Hound during Clan Wars requires a different strategy. Some of them are listed below:

  • Send two hounds that will be targeting the Lava Hound.
  • Follow it up be Balloons, in the video, YouTuber, Clash of Clans Attacks uses nearly 30 balloons
  • Use the rage spell near the mortar units
  • Players can also use PAWS and replan some of their strategy in case the balloons have all grouped and move towards a defensive structure instead of the town hall. The rage spell should be placed in the right path or else it might go waste.
  • Introduce the minions to clean up some of the remaining structures before the king and the queen is brought in
  • Players must also make use of the special abilities feature of King and Queen in order to make a successful raid.

In another attack the YouTuber uses a different strategy aiming for three stars.

  • Spread out the Golem wide enough and attack in different portions of the village simultaneously.
  • Use Wizards and some skeletons, and now bring in P.E.K.K.A, King and Queen into the game.
  • Use free spells to disable Inferno or Tesla.
  • Use the Rage spell when two or more heroes are in the same place. This will heighten your chances of causing more damage to the enemy.

List of Issues Players are Facing

Players have complained on the official Facebook page that they are facing issues in the game. Though some are happy with the game, many players seem to be frustrated. Below are some of the issues and complaints:

  • Trouble finding Loot, players have asked Supercell to bring a fix to the issue of Looting. Others have complained about Matchmanking issues too.
  • Offensive Programming
  • Farming is dreadful after the update. (It takes a long time to find anyone worth raiding. This has somewhat ruined the game. The only way they can make it better is to increase the amount of resources people are getting.)
  • Crashing issues after the update.
  • More missions for gem collection.

However, one of the players, Brandon Evans pointed out to co-players that "Nothing has changed. The reason why there is less after the update is because all those people who were saving up their loot before the update spent their loot on the new upgrades. Supercell doesn't tell people how much they should keep in their collectors and storage just so you can take more from them . Get a clue or stop playing if you can't figure it out."

Another player added saying that players had less elixir due to using them for walls.

How to Deal with Offensive Behaviour and Players

Supercell has posted on its Support page on the steps to take in the event of players meeting an offensive player using foul behaviour and language.

Offensive village set up and/or name:

  • Take screenshots of the offensive village, village name and clan name/description that can serve as proof of the inappropriate content
  • Gather all the available information of that offensive player (name of the village, experience level, town hall level, clan s/he belongs to)
  • Send us all the information above by using the 'Report an issue' button located in the Help and support section under Settings within the game

Players bullying you and/or other clan members:

Offensive comments in the Global chat

  • Tap on the name of the offensive player and choose the 'Report' option
  • You may also choose to 'Mute' players. You will no longer see the comments from that player but s/he will be able to see yours

Offensive comments in Clan Chat

  • Take screenshots of the offensive comments in the Clan Chat
  • Gather all of the available information on the offensive player (name of the village, experience level, town hall level, clan s/he belongs to)
  • Send us all the information above by using the 'Report an issue' button located in the help and support section under Settings within the game

(YouTube Courtesy: Clash of Clans)