Facebook/Clash of Clans

"Clash of Clans," the popular tower defence video game, and "Hay Day," the freemium mobile farming game, are both back from a maintenance break.

Supercell noted on its official Forum post that it went into maintenance for "Clash of Clans" game for a short period of about one hour on June 7 to address the "out of sync" issue, which was affecting some players. The company did not explain further about players previously complaining on the forum that their account do not sync with Google + and some complaining about their inability to connect to Facebook.

Meanwhile, Supercell went into a rather long maintenance for "Hay Day" after some of the servers went berserk. It also noted that it would be adding some additional fixes to the game's trading titles. The game is back after maintenance. It said that though the maintenance was supposed to take lesser time, it got delayed due to a "bigger issue at hand." The company did not explain what this issue was.

On July 4, "Hay Day" received some server-side fixes, removed the special Diamond Packages (the ones with decorations) and also to re-balanced the Champion League tasks. The update had removed the low and medium tasks. The game featured only high point tasks (230-320 points).