Clash of Clans
Supercell announces its first ever ClashCon being held in Helsinki, Finland in October 2015.Clash of Clans

If anyone is doubtful of Clash of Clans' popularity then they have not heard of Supercell's announcement of first ever ClashCon, following the successful similar gaming events MineCon, QuakeCon and not to forget different Comic-Cons.

Supercell had teased about "something epic" happening in Helsinki, Finland, in October and later revealed that this mystery event will be ClashCon that is being held on 24 October. The website also has a countdown timer saying ticket sales for this event will begin on 25 July.

The website also asks fans to join it soon for the "Hogriding, Wall Breaking, rabbit tossing spectacular."

How to Use New Poison Spell and Earthquake Spells

At the start of the month, Supercell had released a new update for Clash of Clans, The Dark Spell Factory that consisted of three different spells. That includes Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell and Haste Spell.

YouTuber Clash Of Clans – ClashOnGan shared a video that provides us with the strategy to use Poison Spells.

This spell is very useful to clear out and slow down the enemy Clan Castle troops and Heroes. Howeve,r it has no effect on buildings.

The spell is effective on low hit point soldiers on the defensive like Archers, Wizards and Minions. But it is better not to use it on high hit point soldiers like Lava Hound, Pekka and Dragons.

The Earthquake Spell, on the other hand, is used to weaken or break the walls.

However, since Poison Spell and Earthquake Spell eat up two housing spaces each where as the Lightening Spell eats up only one housing space.

But, there have been questions about the usage of Lightening Spell. The YouTuber argues that Lightening Spell is needed at the lower stages and it has the ability to take down complete structures. But with Earthquake Spell, a little bit of damage already will help it further the case.

In the case of the Earthquake Spell, players must know that there are three ways it can be used:

  • To weaken or soften the boundary walls/structures of rivals. This spell will be handy if players want to take away a percentage from the high hit point structures.
  • It can be used in case players do not have any wall-breakers at their disposal. Players can deploy this spell when there are lot of walls to defend the Town Hall.