Verizon Business and Cisco announced in the first half of October that they have collaborated to offer safe and secure 5G-enabled MEC solutions. The two companies will be providing a secure and entertaining experience to the fans returning to the sports and entertainment venues.

Verizon Business and Cisco stated that fans are returning to the stadiums, which calls for a secured in-person experience for them. The companies have come up with the Mobile Edge computing or MEC capable 5G Edge solution.

An Insight into 5G Ultra Wideband Network

Interestingly, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband nationwide network is 25x faster as compared to the 4G mobile network. Verizon Business and Cisco's revolutionary solution will make the sports and entertainment solutions enjoyable and secure. It will encourage social distancing, contactless physical access, wayfinding, crowd management, and seamless payments. The 5G network will improve the in-person experience and make the entertainment for the more massive crowd much more secure. This 5G interface works well with the 'entertainment and sports' portfolio of the Cisco Company.

These joint 5G solutions will integrate well with the Cisco switching, Cisco DNA Spaces, Connected venue analytics, and data center technology. The MEC and 5G environments will render real-time experiences and enablement. Both the Companies will be sorting future challenges and providing a new edge to:

● Identify the crowd flows and density by sending the digital signal and message to the venue's staff. It will help in maintaining social distancing standards.
● To leverage the analytics to check the waiting time, seek the mobile applications, check the concession stands and the restrooms, and with mobile applications direct the people to alternate locations.

According to SVP & Chief Product Officer at Verizon Business, Mr. Aamir Hussain, "The fans are looking forward to returning to their favorite gaming venues, but they are concerned about their safety in the big crowded places. The 5G MEC solution will help the fans to re-enter the venues. We want to make sure that fans feel that necessary steps are taken for their security and well-being. This latest 5G Ultra Wideband experience is set to change the personalized experience for many fans in the stadium."

Verizon and Cisco are set to provide an immersive and innovative experience for the fans in the sports and entertainment field, so why leave the online casino behind. These Companies are changing the face of entertainment with the 5G Edge. It means players can experience a faster network, and the speed of gaming can increase manifold. Furthermore, it will help websites load faster, and players will experience no hassle in the network's operations.

Events Covered By Verizon And Cisco

Verizon and Cisco have partnered to render interactive experience for other entertainment events such as The National Hockey League and National Football League. The stadiums will be powered with VR and AR for providing a seamless experience to the fans through the MEC-based solutions. Even the Verizon Business 5G Ultra Wideband network will offer a great experience to Indy 500 or Indianapolis 500 fans way back at home. This 5G-enabled MEC network will help the racing fans make a new experience without even thronging the tracks.

In the words of General Manager and SVP of the Mass Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco, Mr. Jonathan Davidson, "Our collaboration and combined technological innovation and expertise will help with the evolution of the sports and entertainment industry. By using the power of MEC and 5G, the cloud-powered services are brought near to the Edge for the development of flexible applications, clarity, speed, delivering new venue experiences, and making the whole work precisely interesting."

These revolutionary technologies will change future scenarios by providing a 5G network for the personalized and secured fan experience. It will put the fans' minds at ease, as they can enjoy their favorite games without any hassle.

Background of VZ And Cisco

Here's a sneak peek into Verizon Communications Inc. that is listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, as VZ. The company was formed on 30th June 2000, headquartered in NY City, and has a significant presence across the globe. It is the leader in providing the latest communication, technology, entertainment, and information-related products and services. By the year 2019, Verizon Communications Inc. has generated around $131.9 billion of revenue. Other specialized services offered by the company include voice, data, and video. It has also been awarded for various platforms and networks, reliable network connectivity, delivering on-customer mobility demand, and security and control features.

Cisco is listed on NASDAQ as CSCO is the global leader in the advanced technology that powers the modern Internet system. The company renders new possibilities by securing your data, reimagining the user's security needs, empowering the teams for a tremendous technologically-driven future, and transforming the digital infrastructure.