George Bush
Former Vice President Dick Cheney has denied the claims that President Bush was kept in dark about the methods of interrogation used on terror suspects.Reuters

Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney has claimed that the recently released Senate CIA torture report is "deeply flawed" and denied that President George Bush was kept in the dark about the methods of interrogation used on terror suspects.

The 500-page report released by the Senate on Tuesday had claimed that the Bush administration was misled and no proper information was given to the then president about the goings-on inside the secretly held 'black sites' where al-Qaeda suspects were tortured to gather information and leads.

Speaking to the Fox News' 'Special Report with Bret Baier,' Cheney slammed the report calling it "full of crap," "terrible piece of work" and that it was "deeply flawed." He added that the interrogation methods used were all necessary to get the truth out.

Cheney said he had not read the entire 500-page report summary. However, he strongly defended the methods used by CIA, including waterboarding and rectal hydration, to interrogate the 9/11 suspects.

"What are you prepared to do to get the truth against future attacks against the United States?" Cheney asked, adding that President George W. Bush was never kept in the dark about whatever the CIA was doing to get to the bottom of the terrorist attack.

"I think he knew everything he wanted to know and needed to know," Cheney said.

This came in strong contrast to an earlier claim that for four years, no one from the agency ever came to the Oval Office to give President Bush a full briefing on what was going on in the dark dungeons of Afghanistan and Eastern Europe, places known as 'black sites'.

The Central Intelligence Agency records cited by the NYTimes had claimed that CIA never let the president know that they stripped, slammed and soaked their prisoners as well as use waterboarding and threats of rape to their family members.