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Alia Bhatt, in a very short period in the industry, has shown what she is capable of.

The 24-year-old actress has been praised and awarded for presenting unique roles on the screen with honesty.

The talented actress is currently a Bollywood diva with an amazing toned body and flawless skin.

The Dear Zindagi actress credits her diet and workout regimes for how she looks now.

As many may know, she was really chubby as a kid and had to lose a lot of weight before debuting in Student of the Year (SOTY) at the age of 19.

The actress has mentioned in several interviews that the weight loss actually helped her gain a lot of confidence and positivity.

She believes working out for at least 45 minutes every day is a must for everyone. Here's the secret behind her fit body and glowing skin:

Cardio and weight training

According to NDTV, the workout regime of the actress includes a mix of cardiovascular activities including some weight training.

It not only helps her reduce weight but also aides in building muscle. Also, she believes drinking small amounts of water between the workouts helps her stay hydrated.


From anti-gravity yoga to handstand, she tries to do it all. Alia believes one must try to do yoga at least twice a week along with meditation.

Squats and lunges

As a part of her workout, Alia also does squats and lunges. It helps tone and strengthen her, and also aids in building a strong back.


Alia Bhatt is one of the many actors who has turned to Pilates. The actress tries a number of Pilates machines such as Reformer,  Motor, Wunda Chair, Step Barrel, Bodhi Suspension System and Cadillac.


Alia took up kickboxing while trying to fit into her role in Student of the Year.

Kickboxing is a high-intensity martial art form that helps you to lose weight by burning an average 600 calories per hour.

It also helps in increasing flexibility and heart rate by boosting blood circulation.


Bhatt follows a strict diet which includes eggs, poha or chicken breasts for breakfast. For mid-meal snacks, she includes fruits like papayas, apples or oranges.

For lunch, boiled vegetables, Dalia and two rotis along with skimmed curd, and a cup of sugar-free black coffee in evening.

For dinner, she consumes one seasonal vegetable along with roasted chicken or fish with a bowl of rice or one chapatti.

To get flawless skin she prefers to keep herself hydrated by drinking enough water and pampers her skin with all things homely and natural, like multani mitti and raw milk.