The trailer of Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie, "Dunkirk," is out and it has taken the internet by storm, especially among devoted Nolan's fans. The trailer is just one minute and 7 seconds long, but it hints at several elements that will be included in the film.

Nolan is known for his distinctive style of film-making and has produced and directed several critically acclaimed movies. Some of the notable ones are "Inception," "The Dark Knight" trilogy, "Interstellar," "The Prestige," "Following," "Memento," and "Insomnia."

The latest project is being directed and written by Nolan and is based on the real life events of Dunkirk evacuation, in which Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk, France, were evacuated between May 26 and June 4, 1940 during World War II.

Though the trailer is brief and provides only a glimpse into what the actual movie could be, it surely has that specific vibe for which Nolan's movies are known for. What really enhances the overall setting of WWII is Hans Zimmer's iconic background score.

The teaser starts at the sea shore, much like the beginning of "Inception." Afterwards, some soldiers can be seen, standing at the beach amid a storm. It is a military encampment area, probably where Germany has surrounded the Allied forces. A soldier can be seen, moving into the waters while unloading his gears.

The scene cuts to a bridge where soldiers are waiting for someone or something. The tension and seriousness of the atmosphere can be felt while watching the trailer, as if something ominous is about to happen. Eventually, the distant noise of a fighter plane can be heard, which gradually increases and it seems the approaching plane is enemy's as soldiers duck so that they are not spotted.

Just when the tension and excitement is at the brim, the trailer ends; again, an effect seen in most of Nolan's film.

Though "Dunkirk" is based on real life events, given that it has been directed by Nolan, audiences can expect a unique and never-before-seen experience, just like it is with Nolan's other works. Several rumours and speculations regarding the plot are already surfacing over the internet regarding the movie, some of which mentions that the story will incorporate elements from other WWII incidents too.

"Dunkirk" is scheduled to release on July 21, 2017 across the globe.