Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan will be coming to India on 28 December to attend a cultural event. The function is organised by the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

While his visit has electrified his fans and the leading film industries, a section of people have taken social networking sites to troll the Indian filmmakers, who often take an inspiration from his films.

People are taking potshots at some of the popular celebrities on Twitter. Especially, Aamir Khan and AR Murugadoss.

Murugadoss has become a major target as he had remade Nolan's classic film "Memento" (2002). It has to be noted that "Ghajini" was the first Bollywood movie to make ₹100 crore at the domestic box office.

However, here, we bring you some of the selected tweets:

*Magical Sid* Posted: When #NolanInIndia #ARMurugadoss will be in USA :P

Omerta Posted: #NolanInIndia to the bollywood writers he is their god. his every scene becomes a remake here

Dipankar Tweeted: Nolan : Hi Sanjay Singhania. [Aamir takes a pic] Nolan : Your Ghajini is a copy of my film Memento. Aamir : Who are you? #NolanInIndia

Lindsay Pereira Posted: Christopher Nolan is reportedly coming to discuss Karan Johar's remake of Inception, 'Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Kya Hai Sanam'. #NolanInIndia

Blackblunder Wrote: Nolan is now Ghajini Spends rest of his life trying to track down Aamir Khan #NolanInIndia

Rashi Kakkar Posted: Now that Christopher Nolan is coming to India thanks to IIT Mumbai lets hope he has a special session with Sajid & Farah Khan! #NolanInIndia

Anuj Damani: Quick! Before Nolan sees Dhoom 3/Krishh/Ghajini; make him watch Gunda so that he can enjoy innovative original Indian films.

Now You See Me Posted: Its time to our Bolly,Tolly,Molly,Kolly Directors should go to IIT coaching centers to know how to make a Perfect movie #NolanInIndia.

Sir Chetan Bhagat Tweeted: After seeing Govinda as Super Man Christopher Nolan rushes to India for signing him to play next Batman #NolanInIndia.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan in India.IB Times India