With Christmas just a month away, priorities are undoubtedly focusing towards the holiday season for everyone. However, if not planned well, the holidays may not be as cheerful as you expect.

That is where the organising part comes in. To ensure that this Christmas holiday becomes the most memorable of all time, take care of some tiny yet crucial details and you will indeed enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are a few points that might help you prepare for Christmas and celebrate it grandly with your friends and family.

Finish all online shopping

Order gifts now, in order to have lots of time to wrap them once they arrive.

Wrap gifts the moment you buy them

Besides keeping kids from finding out what Santa is bringing, it will save you time on Christmas Eve.

Stock your Christmas decorations

Make a list of your lights, ornaments, wreaths, and lawn ornaments. Check whether anything is broken and needs to be replaced.

Keep your dishes and glasses ready

Make sure your serving trays and wine glasses are ready, as you will need them for parties and special meals.

Start writing addresses on the holiday cards

It may take a while, but better do it now to make sure they reach in time.

Mail the cards

If you are too busy to mail the cards during first week of December, try mailing them once the holiday rush is over. People usually enjoy getting Christmas cards a few days late, when the mail slows down and they start noticing it.

Buy the Christmas tree

If you want your Christmas tree it to stay fresh and retain its needles through Christmas Eve, buy it a few days earlier. Similarly, buy fresh greenery or garlands beforehand.

Complete the decoration

It's better late than never, and it's much better if you do it earlier to avoid all the hassles when the guests start to pour in. Keep your decorations ready so you get plenty of time to spend with the guests.