Past can haunt you sometimes. Actress Christina Applegate was caught off guard on "Watch What Happens Live!" when she was asked about her relationship with Brad Pitt in 1980s. With no options left, she had to talk about the mystery man, who she ditched the actor for. However, she gave just a hint.

The 43-year-old "Married With Children" actress played "Plead The Fifth" game on "Watch What Happens Live!" to promote her latest film, "Vacation" when she was asked about reports of her ditching Brad Pitt while on a date at the 1989 MTV Movie Awards.

"There's much talk of a date you were on with Brad Pitt to the MTV Movie Awards in 1989 in which you reportedly ditched him mid-date," host Andy Cohen said while playing "Plead the Fifth" game.

"Who was the guy you ditched Brad Pitt for?" he asked.

"How many fifths do I get?" asked Applegate, clearly uncomfortable with the question. But she had to answer as she had already pleaded the fifth in a previous question.

"I have to say it? I don't have to do nothing. I don't have to do anything. I don't have to do nothing," the actress went on to say.

Sensing her trouble, Cohen asked if the mystery man is an actor, which she said "NO." He went on to press if he was well known to the public, to which she replied in the affirmative.

With that, the host decided not to push further, as it was evident that Applegate wasn't willing to open up. She, however, claimed that she ended up not dating both Brad Pitt and the mystery man.

It may be mentioned that Applegate married actor Johnathon Schaech in 2005 before parting ways in 2007. She married again in 2013 to musician Martyn LeNoble with whom she has a daughter, Sadie Grace.

Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston in 2000 but ended up in a divorce. He is currently married to Angelina Jolie with whom he has six children, including three adopted kids.