Chrissy Teigen and Luna Simone
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Chrissy Teigen does not wish to take insights from outsiders on how to raise a child. Well, the mom of two has been receiving some criticism for painting her 3-year-old daughter's toenails. Earlier on Saturday, Teigen shared a video where she was lounging in the living room watching Sesame Street with daughter Luna Simone. In her video, Teigen did mention how she painted her baby girl's toenails with hot-pink shade. On the same, Teigen also tweeted, "Doing her nails is my knitting. Kid toes kill me!"

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While some of the commenters found it super cool, others were rather sceptical of painting her daughter's toenails. There were some criticisms that said that Luna was too young for nail paints. In response to the now-deleted tweet, the model and cookbook author wrote, "There she is." For another tweet which we presume was a jab at the nail paint, Teigen replied, "Well I actually had her drink it so joke's on you." For quite some time now, Chrissy Teigen has been dealing with mom-shaming comments and giving it back to them. Even last week, Teigen received a concerned question stating how Luna was a little too late to visit the dentist for the first time.

As Teigen captioned on her Instagram post, "So proud of my toons at her first dentist appointment!!" Someone did have something to say. "What age do they start over there? My daughter started seeing a dentist at a yr old." It is not surprising that celebrities get shamed for anything and everything they do. However, they all have a very good way of combating all the shame that comes their way. Teigen, who is known for her quick wit, is also giving it back to the critics.

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During a PopSugar Play/Ground event, Teigen did speak about Twitter regrets. She said, "I go for it, then I regret it. I think more now [on Twitter] because you get in trouble. I delete posts — but years after. It's almost worse when [my fans] send me screen grabs and say, 'You're a p - - - y, you deleted that.' "