Chris Soules
Chris SoulesFacebook/The Bachelor

Based on the promo of the three-hour finale of ABC's dating reality show "The Bachelor," star of the season Chris Soules may be in for a heartbreak as the season comes to a close.

The finalists – Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff—will get a chance to interact with Soules' parents, and from the looks of things Bischoff is a clear favourite. The fertility clinic nurse will also win over Soules' sisters, who will try to help their brother choose the right partner.

But as he heads into the finale, the farmer from Arlington, Iowa appears to be conflicted between the two girls. "I feel like Chris is confused and I really wish he had some clarity and it's frustrating to me that he doesn't," his sister Lori says in the promo clip.

The promo also hints at a dramatic turn of events and Tilley is later seen confessing that she might not be as into Soules as she wants to be.

"Coming into this, I was like, I could see myself liking this guy. Now, I'm falling in love with him and I'm not there yet," Becca admits. "I feel like I'm supposed to be there at this point…I'm scared that If I'm not at a certain place I'm supposed to be at, does that mean that this has to end?"

Will she ditch Prince Farming in the finale, forcing Soules to go ahead and choose Bischoff, who appears ready to embrace Soules' Iowa lifestyle? "Chris has narrowed it down to two great, but very different women: Becca and Whitney. It is an emotional, dramatic finale you don't want to miss," "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison teased about the finale in his Yahoo TV blog.

He also wants fans to be prepared for a finale that is unlike what they are used to. "In past seasons like Sean and Catherine or Andi and Josh you could see what they had was very different. With this you don't see a magical storybook romance with Whitney or Becca," Harrison told TVGuide.

"The Bachelor" Season 19 finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC. The three-hour special will also feature the "After the Final Rose" segment.