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When Andi Dorfman rejected Chris Soules in season 10 of "The Bachelorette," many were quick to note that she had made a mistake in letting go of the contestant from Iowa.

But if spoilers surrounding the upcoming season of "The Bachelor" is any indication, then Soules is happy that Dorfman ditched him for Josh Murray, as he has already found love in season 19 of "The Bachelor."

Rumour has it that Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff, a nurse at a fertility centre in Chicago, who considers herself a hopeless romantic. According to Reality Steve, the spoiler guru of the Bachelor franchise, the final ceremony was held at a farm owned by Soules' parents in Lamont, Iowa.

Soules recently opened up to reporters about moving on from Dorfman, saying that although he was disappointed, he was a glass half-full kind of guy.

"I'm an adult and I'm a man and I just look forward to the future. And you have to be positive and go on with life and hope for the best and know that it should work out sooner or later," he said, according to Wetpaint.

"Falling in love with Andi, I did know that there was a chance that it still wouldn't work out. You know, there's two other great guys that Andi was still dating, and I knew that her heart may have been with them more than it was with me."

The 33-year-old added that he was mentally prepared to get the boot, and it made getting rejected easier.

As for what to expect in his season of "The Bachelor," Soules said that viewers can see him kissing a number of contestants, but he admitted to not have kept count.

"I didn't keep track of that. I guess my strategy through the process regarding that was be in the moment and wear my heart on my sleeve," said Soules, according to E! News. He also admitted to saying "I love you" to a contestant during filming.

Season 19 of "The Bachelor" will premiere on ABC on 5 January 2015.