Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff
Chris Soules and Whitney BischoffFacebook/The Bachelor

"Bachelor" Chris Soules and his fiancée Whitney Bischoff will have to wait for a few more weeks before they get an opportunity to move to Arlington, Iowa and enjoy the farm life. Soules' participation in "Dancing with the Stars" will keep him in Los Angeles a while longer, and Bischoff plans to be with him all through the journey.

Speaking to Reality TV World, the newly engaged couple, who is yet to set a wedding date, said their immediate focus is on living life as a normal couple.

"Right now, our focus is being a normal couple, and I think the first step in that is going to be Dancing with the Stars," Bischoff said, adding: "And so, I have uprooted some of my things and I am planning to live in LA with Chris during this entire process. I'm his biggest fan and I'll be there every week cheering him on. And I think after that, you know, Arlington is definitely in our future. We'll make that decision at that time."

However, Soules is still not sure how well Bischoff will adapt to life in Arlington. As "Bachelor" fans know, Bischoff's eagerness to move to Soules' hometown, and fellow finalist Becca Tilley being reluctant to move to Iowa is what finally led to Prince Farming choosing the fertility nurse as his soul mate.

Moving to Iowa is also one of the factors that deterred "Bachelorette" star Andi Dorfman from pursuing a relationship with Soules, who was a contestant on season 10 of the dating reality show.

But this time, Soules is positive that Bischoff will at least try her best to adapt to the farm lifestyle.

"I think there's always a question in my mind that once someone who's never been part of that type of lifestyle or lives in an extremely small community in the country, it's something that is eye-opening to anyone who's not done it," said Soules.

"So there's a question even now, you know, how we'll adapt together. You have to go into it being optimistic, but time will tell and we'll do the best we can. If I didn't feel like she could adapt, we wouldn't be at this point," he added.