Anna Faris
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 19: Actors Anna Faris (L) and Chris Pratt at The World Premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA April 19th, 2017Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Chris Pratt is reportedly heartbroken after his soon-to-be ex-wife Anna Faris was trolled over a recent photo that she had uploaded on Instagram. Anna was body shamed by social media users for her extremely thin, skinny legs. 

Anna was forced to delete the picture following the never-ending body-shaming comments. The 'Mom' star posted a photo in which she was wearing a black turtleneck shirt with no pants on, right before her appearance in The Talk. 

Chris, who was married to Anna for over a decade, was hurt that fans would do such an awful thing. "Chris still has so much respect for a woman that he was so in love with for a long time and not only that the mother of his child. His respect for Anna goes a very long way and that will never change and that is why he is heartbroken that people are body shaming her," a source close to Chris told HollywoodLife.

"Chris will always be there for Anna supporting throughout all her ups and downs and he wants her to know that. "It's awful, he hates it and he wants her to know that she has his support through all of this because he doesn't want the bullying to continue or win. His hope is that she knows that there are so many people who care for her and respect her and he hopes that she doesn't take the bullying to heart because she doesn't deserve it one bit," continued the insider.

The picture was captioned "Having pre-show jitters. Also, I eventually decided to put on pants." Her fans were alarmed by her thin legs and some even commented asking her if she was "ill". One internet user wrote, "I feel this pic is a cry for help, I hope you get the help you need." The actress took down the photo 15 minutes after uploading it because of the horrifying comments.