Chris N. Cheetham-West

Marketing online can be challenging in a variety of ways. To succeed online, you need to be familiar with how the various channels and platforms work together! And SEO can be a Panacea for your organization. It's about standing out from the competition online. Isn't it?

Well, a significant factor in getting SEO traction is Google and other search engines. Social media also plays a huge role in gaining awareness as well as search results. Discover how they all contribute to your SEO results and strategy.

A speaker and consultant for SEO firms, Chris works with businesses looking to reach more potential customers.

The Founder of LR Training Solutions, Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA, is an international speaker, author, and author of several publications. Prior to founding his organization, he was with Google where he managed key product marketing.

He played many roles at Google. He was part of the Google Fiber launch team in Kansas City. As part of the team, he assisted small business owners who wanted to grow their businesses.

One of the programs he was part of played a major role in his presentation skills. It involved training small business owners on how to use various Google tools. As an advertising manager at an Oil & Gas publishing company, he was responsible for campaign management across a variety of sites.

Aside from marketing, he has expertise in business development and training. He has said this many times: In the marketing field, it is trial and error that determines success or failure. Being involved in this field makes you a better, more well-rounded individual."

He has experience in speaking in person or virtually at business events and growth opportunities. Having experience in Google products, digital marketing, analytics, social media, Internet marketing, and business strategy, he has extensive knowledge of these areas of expertise. Surely, there will be no compromise, as the ideas he has on innovative trends have been well admired by many of his clients.

As an author, speaker, marketing executive, and the founder and president of LR Training Solutions, he said, "Managing remote teams is a crucial skill for businesses to be successful in this environment. Employees want to feel connected even when they are not appearing."

In order to help teams focus on what is really important, he offers LR Training Solutions which utilizes the latest online collaboration tools. He has even worked with top brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Canon, and many more. He shares an abundance of actionable ideas that leaders can use right away to make a difference in the success of their teams.

He has lived in 48 states, Germany, Canada, and France over the course of his career. As a marketing manager for Google prior to launching* LR Training Solutions*, he received the Nido Qubein scholarship from the National Speakers Association while pursuing his MBA. And that led him to become a decision-maker in his own life.

In 2021, LR Training Solutions was also awarded the Comcast Rise Grant. As the company offers solutions and training in a wide range of topics, such as remote team management, strategic advertising, social media strategy, SEO, content marketing, and internet advertising.

The experience he gained from working as Google's marketing specialist has taught him the value of communicating strategies to help companies rank high in search results. While working at Google, he worked with 32 remote teams across the country.

Furthermore, his experience as an author has further reinforced these concepts and helped him identify better strategies for companies. Subsequently, he is the author of the book: Leading in a Virtual World.

As there is a virtual revolution happening in the world! Due to the rapid growth of remote workers and hybrid work environments, it is more important than ever to learn how to work from a distance. People are realizing how important working from home can be for their careers, health, and happiness. You can thrive as well.

The book comprises the ideas and really effective tactics from experienced people who have already succeeded in this new virtual environment. The authors share what they have learned from working in global teams. Here the discussion explores metaverse and emerging technologies that can really transform teamwork practices. The book will motivate you to lead and manage remote teams, and you will be better able to take advantage of future trends in remote work.

He shares some of his best tips throughout this book. As a corporate motivational speaker, he takes time to get to know his clients.