The Mt. Kenya Epik – Africa's second highest mountain - will have cyclists and runners partake in what is expected to be one outstanding ride in November, with the race set to be organised by David Kinjah, the mentor of Tour de France champion Chris Froome. 

The duathlon race -- slated to take place from 22 November through 28 November 2015 -- will be led by Kenyan cycling legend Kinjah, who is also the 2013 Tour de France champion Chris Froome's first mentor, and Kenyan Olympic gold medalist runner Douglas Wakihuri.

The unique race is looking to attract international applicants, with the aim of supporting the local community at Nairobi, that sits at the heart of the concept.

"The Epik's vision is to change the lifestyle of youth and Kenyans by harnessing and enlarging existing platforms like that of the Safari Simbaz cycling team, of whom Chris Froome was a member as a young boy, as well as preserving the Mt. Kenya region through sport and youth mentorship," said Julie Wahome, Director Mt. Kenya Epik, at the launch of the event in Nairobi.

The organisers, knowing Kenya is a country with a huge population of people with Indian origin, are also targeting tourists from India. Keeping in mind the fact that most of the racers will not be "elite level" athletes, they have opened up a 10km "fun race."

"Both the running and cycling routes have been carefully thought out to take participants through some of the most stunning landscape Kenya has to offer," the release said. "In recognition that not everyone is an elite athlete, there is also a 10km fun run option allowing the wider running community to enjoy the event and experience the Mt. Kenya National Park – a World Heritage Site."

Michael Wamithi, the director of Mt. Kenya Epik, believes the concept of running and cycling, combined with the stunning landscapes of Kenya, will bring out the best in the athletes.

"As a duathlon the challenge is an athletic event that consists of both running and cycling along routes that have rarely been touched or exposed to human traffic. The experience is set to provide a glimpse into the rural Kenyan lifestyle as the route will provide a unique tour of the surroundings." commented Michael Wamithi, Director Mt. Kenya Epik.

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