Chris Brown
Chris Brown Reuters

Singer Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested Sunday morning for allegedly hitting a man. They have been charged with felony assault.

Chris Brown is a man with a raging temper. The singer has made headlines many times for his violent behavior but doesn't seem to be learning from his mistakes. On Sunday morning he and his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy were arrested and charged with felony assault in D.C. for attacking and hitting a man on his face.

According to CNN, the police report revealed that Brown and Hollosy attacked and punched the man, later identified as Isaac Adams Parker outside the W Hotel in downtown Washington at 4:25 a.m. Sunday. The report stated that Parker tried to jump into a picture Brown was taking with a female fan outside the hotel when the singer started screaming "I'm not down with that gay s--t" and "I feel like boxing."

D.C. police spokesman Paul Metcalf said that the 6-foot-5 Hollosy first stood between Parker and the singer and then punched Parker on the face. He later grabbed the singer by the arm and rushed him to their tour bus.

Brown and his bodyguard were taken into custody. They were first held at the Second District police station and the moved to a central jail cell block before proceedings began. Parker was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a swollen and bruised face.

The arrest could create some huge problems for the singer as he is already serving probation for allegedly beating his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. If proven guilty of violating his probation, Brown may face up to four years of jail time.

Earlier this year, the singer was also involved in a highly publicized quarrel with singers Frank Ocean and Drake, though no criminal charges were filed. He was also involved in a hit-and-run case and had his probation reinstated in early August after reaching a civil compromise with the driver of the car.