Chris Brown and Rihanna may have come a long way to be categorised in the "friendly exes" list. But it looks like the "Loyal" singer still can't take it when his ex-girlfriend is rumoured to be dating other man. The latest reports suggests that Breezy is feeling jealous over Riri and Travis Scott dating rumours and hates it when the "Diamonds" singer talks about her speculated new boyfriend with him.

Apparently, the Rihanna and Travis Scott dating rumours are driving Chris Brown crazy and he just can't stand seeing them together, reported Hollywood Life. "Chris and Rihanna are really close friends and they're in constant communication. The problem for Chris is that he doesn't like seeing her with Travis. Nothing against Travis, he just doesn't like seeing him or any man, for that matter, pushing up on Rihanna," a source said.

The report further stated that Chris gets bugged when Rihanna shares details of her dates with Travis. "It's a struggle for Chris because he loves her and they have a real authentic friendship and they talk about everything, including Travis. It bugs him when she talks about Travis and shares details of their dates together," the source added.

The source also told the website that since the "Love More" and "BBHMM" singer continue to be very good friends, they are always in touch and discuss everything. So, when Rihanna talks about things that Travis does for her, Chris reportedly feels really sick, literally.

"One time they were on the phone and Rihanna told Chris that Travis surprised her with her favourite candy and two dozen red roses and Chris said 'hold on, I think I want to throw up. When she mentions Travis' name, Chris just wants to hang up the phone and scream!" the source claimed.

But all said and done, at the end of it all, Chris wants Rihanna to be happy, the report mentioned. "Chris really wants Rihanna to be happy, and it appears she is, and that's what's most important to him," the source added.

Well, it looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna have a lot to discuss and sort out, while fans still hope for them to get back together.