Chris Brown and Rihanna's reconciliation is something that many fans have been rooting for, for a long time. But various reports now suggest that with Karrueche Tran in the picture, the "Loyal" singer may not be getting back together with the "Diamonds" singer.

When the recent buzz about Breezy and Riri reunion made things look positive, the model has apparently come in between the former couple yet again. According Inquisitr, sources close to the rapper have confirmed that his latest song "Sorry" was written for Karrueche Tran and not Rihanna.

Last week, when Brown released his new song "Sorry" with Rick Ross, there were various speculations whether the song is about Rihanna or has it been inspired and written for Tran. While many believed that the song narrates his relationship with Tran, some back-tracked it to his days with Rihanna and pointed out that Brown could be apologising to Riri in the song instead.

After all these days of speculations that Riri and Chris Brown are attempting to rekindle their relationship, sources close to the rapper have shunned them all by suggesting a different angle all together.

"It was Ross' people who contacted Breezy with the idea to do this track given his circumstances of a recent breakup they thought that he would be the perfect guy," a sources said.

"They were right because it turned out to be a dope single, nobody never really hear Chris Brown on a joint like this. It was definitely written for Karrueche and am sure she listens to it. They don't talk right now but you would have to be a person with no heart not to be moved by a heartfelt joint like this," the singer's rep added.

But apparently, there are some lines in the song that could be linked to Rihanna. The lyrics, reportedly have evident traces of his past relationship too, where he has confessed that he was the reason his ex ended their relationship.

"You have to listen to the words carefully and you will hear a hint of stuffs about Rihanna," sources added.

Well, it looks like fans vouching for Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion will have to wait for Karrueche Tran to make way for it.