Chris Brown and Rihanna are one of those couples that fans wish would reconcile and get back together. Though their break-up in 2013 was very public and ugly, the couple, over the years, have shown signs that they still have feelings for each other. And in the last couple of months, various reports have suggested that both Riri and Breezy have forgotten things of the past and have made attempts to reconcile.

Rihanna-Chris became friends and reportedly started talking again a couple of months ago. And apparently, both of them have stood for and spoken high of each other at various interviews. In fact, the "Diamonds" singer had called the "Loyal" singer when he won the custody of Royalty against Nia Guzman. It was also reported that Rihanna wanted to spend this holiday season with Chris and Breezy also wanted her to come home to be with him and his daughter Royalty.

But now, the latest reports suggest that the two of them have become so comfortable that they have even collaborated for the song "Counterfeit" and have started showing signs of having feelings for each other.

According to, the "Unfaithful" singer who is rumoured to be dating rapper Travis Scott even accidentally confessed her love for the "Zero" singer during an interaction with fans. The report said that she was caught in the moment and couldn't help but reveal her true feelings for her ex. The fans were apparently shocked with Riri's confession.

The report further stated that after this incident, Chris Brown immediately took to Twitter to reciprocate and confessed his love, but deleted it soon.

Now, it has already been reported that Chris Brown is jealous of Rihanna dating Travis and that he can't take it when Riri shares details about her new love affair. This only indicates that he still cares for his ex-girlfriend.

Well, it looks like fans rooting for Rihanna and Chris Brown to get back together have some ray of hope now.