Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship may have become a thing of the past for some. But, they say old flames never die and it looks like such is the case with Breezy and Riri. They have been the typical teenage sweethearts and their relationship has been through several ups and downs. Now, it looks like both the singers are old enough to love and respect each other.

In the past few month, Chris Brown and Rihanna have shown major signs of reconciliation and have stood by each other in their hardest times. And now, fans have been routing for a reunion. We don't know if the "Zero" singer and the "Diamonds" crooner are getting back together, but Breezy's daughter Royalty is definitely bringing them close.

According to the latest reports, Chris invited Rihanna to spend time with him and his daughter Royalty. "Chris told Ri by phone he wants some R&R time with her. At first, Rihanna thought Chris was being "all sexual." However, Chris denied it and told her that he wanted RiRi to hang out with him and Royalty — thus, R&R," a source told Hollywood Life.

"He explained to her that he's thankful for the gifts she sent Royalty and he'd love for the three of them to chill and re-connect," a source added.

The report said that Chris joked to Rihanna about changing Royalty's diapers and the "American Oxygen" singer gladly accepted the challenge. "Chris joked around and told Rihanna he wants her to change some of Royalty's diapers, even the mushy ones. To this, Rihanna laughed and told Chris she was not afraid," the source shared.

The "Loyal" singer apparently praised Rihanna for being a wonderful woman and reportedly said that he wants his daughter Royalty to spend more with her. "Chris told Ri how he wants his daughter to be around such amazing women like her. Rihanna was floored by this confession, and told Chris she "loves how much of a great father he is". She even told him that Royalty is one of the most gorgeous little girls she's ever seen," the source said.

Well, time will tell if Royalty will actually help Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together. Till then, fans can keep their fingers crossed.