Chris Brown and Rihanna are yet another couple that fans have been eagerly hoping would get back together. Despite all the ups and downs their relationship has been through, when the two singers decided to rekindle their friendship after their bitter split in 2013, fans saw a ray of hope. And obviously, this is followed by a series of reunion rumours across the web.

Now for the last couple of months, there have been reports that Riri and Breezy have got back to talking terms and that they have been supporting and strongly standing by each other.

It came across that both of them have moved on in their respective relationships. While Chris Brown was in the news for the longest time involving model Karrueche Tran, the "Diamonds" singer was rumoured to be dating F1 racer Lewis Hamilton and is now believed to be hooking up with rapper Travis Scott.

But despite all these link-ups, the latest reports suggest that the self-proclaimed Bad Girl is still not over Chris Brown, and has been having weak moments. According to new reports, Rihanna is missing Chris and is reportedly stalking the "Loyal" singer on Instagram.

"Despite hanging with Travis Scott and doing her own thing, Rihanna still follows Chris' every move. She Instagram stalks him and seeing him giving out Thanksgiving turkeys really warms her heart. It's sh** like that that drives her crazy. She misses that sweet side of him. If she were with him right now, it would be on," a source told Hollywood Life.

The report further states that holidays are Riri's favourite time of the year and she is trying her best to avoid calling her ex for a reunion. "She's spent many holidays with Chris before and he's the best at it. She misses all that warm and fuzzy stuff they use to do and she definitely misses their cuddling sessions. She's having a weak moment for Breezy and she's doing her best not to act on it by calling him and making something happen," the source added.

And while the thoughts of getting back together with Chris Brown still tempt the "BBHMM" singer, it looks like she is distracting herself with Scott. "I wouldn't say the word love has been used but they are getting there. The relationship between the two is going great. They really like each other and have mad respect for each other. Rihanna is happy because Travis makes her happy, he provides he with no BS and she loves it," a source said.

Well, the fans rooting for Chris Brown and Rihanna to get back together may not have the luck just as yet.