Chris Brown
Chris BrownReuters

It seems Chris Brown is kissing goodbye to his bachelor days. The 25-year-old singer, who was recently released from the jail (till the next hearing), is reportedly moving in with girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

The buzz suggests the actor wants to move into a dream home with his ladylove and cannot wait to lead a happy life with her.

"All he wants is to be peaceful and to set up shop somewhere that will make him and Karrueche [Tran] happy," HollywoodLife quoted a source revealing Brown's plans for a new life with Tran.

The news of moving in with Tran has come as a respite to his fans as they hope the singer will have a stable life from now on.

"That's his lady. He wouldn't have it any other way," the source further stated, focusing on the duo's alleged relationship. "He loves her, loves being with her and one of the things he promised her while he was in jail was that he would stick by her, and he's continuing to do that."

Furthermore, Brown wants a house, which is secluded and private, with Tran's personal touch.

"He wants to take a more laid-back and relaxed role with his new place and to let Kae put her touch on it," the source explained. "He wants it to be a dream home, an industrialized space that he and Karrueche can furnish and build together. His Hollywood home was cool but was more 'him' - a bachelors pad. And even though she loved it, it wasn't homey or a place for them to really lay down roots."

Also, it has been reported that Brown and Tran would paint a lot of original art pieces for their home. Apparently, the duo used to do a lot of painting before the former went to jail, and now they want their talent to be put to use.

"This time around, he's letting her do most of the work and giving her that long and drawn-out duty of decorating it. He's already taught her how to paint. There's no doubt that they will be painting and drawing and coming up with some cool, sentimental pieces to put inside their new space. He's trying to make her just as happy as she's made him," the source told the website.

Brown and Tran have not given any comments about their relationship and moving in plans yet.