Chris Brown
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Karrueche Tran has reportedly refused to meet her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown till the time he is in jail. The rapper is in jail for violation of probation and he will be behind bars for at least one month. So why is Tran refusing to meet Brown? Will she meet Brown when he comes out of the jail? 

Apparently, Tran does not want to meet Brown in jail as she thinks that their personal conversation would be taped in the cell camera and she wants to have a private long conversation with Brown once he is set free.

"Kae does not want to see him behind bars and it's best she doesn't go visit him for privacy reasons," Latin Post quoted a source. "They record everything there and she's not trying to have anymore drama. She can't really stand to look at him, looking all bad, and lifeless. She cares about him too much."

Tran recently broke up with Brown after she found texts from an unknown woman on the rapper's phone. However, it seems she can't live without the rapper and there is nothing which can keep the on and off lovers apart.  Numerous reports have also suggested that Tran still loves Brown and no matter what, her heart will always belong to the rapper.

"Yes, she does [still love him]. In her heart, she's still confused and upset about a lot of different things but they have yet to really sit down and talk in depth about what happened, what they're going to do about it and where to go from here," the source revealed, reported Hollywoodlife.

Moreover, Tran does not want to discuss the past with Brown and she feels there is nothing she can do about the bygone days.