Chris Brown
Chris Brown is trying to stay away from women and spend more time with Nia Amey and daughter Royalty.Reuters

Recording artist Chris Brown's latest tweet on the Ebola epidemic is an indication that the singer finds it difficult to stay away from controversies.

On Monday, the singer decided to share his views on the recent Ebola epidemic that has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people, tweeting: "I don't know...But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control S--t is getting crazy bruh."

And once he started getting criticised for the comment, 25-year-old Brown decided to shut up, acknowledging that his comment was ill-advised. "Let me shut my black ass up!" he tweeted.

A number of Twitter users also took this opportunity to point out to Brown that he was a convicted felon, who was charged with beating up his then girlfriend, Rihanna.

Interestingly, Brown's comment echoes that of Louis Farrakhan Muhammad Sr, the leader of the religious group Nation of Islam, who too tweeted in late September that Ebola was designed as a method of depopulation.

However, according to him the virus was designed by white scientists specifically to kill off all blacks. "Methods of Depopulation: Disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola & AIDS, which are race targeting weapons," he wrote

He further added in his organisation's newspaper, The Final Call, that "There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are black and white people, and it will kill only the black and spare the white, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind," Farrakhan wrote.

Farrakhan is not alone in thinking that Ebola is a weapon designed by whites to kill off all blacks. Reportedly, villagers in some remote areas of Africa have the same suspicions, and in the US, Delaware State University agriculture professor Cyril Broderick said in a letter to a Liberian newspaper that the virus is being spread by the US military and pharmaceutical companies.

"The U.S., Canada, France, and the U.K. are all implicated in the detestable and devilish deeds that these Ebola tests are," wrote Broderick, according to Fox News.