Chris Brown is garnering a lot of attention and this time, it's not really about his relationship or personal issues, but it's for "Before The Party" mixtape. And as fans listen to the songs on the mixtape list, there have been speculations that they are heavily inspired by three most important women in Chris' life -- Royalty, Karrueche Tran and Rihanna.

A couple of days ago, when "The Breakup" song was released, there were reports that suggested that it's about a romance badly gone wrong and that he maybe admitting about how he f***ed up in his relationship with Karrueche Tran.

But all the records were set straight when Chris announced his forthcoming album "Royalty" and while talking about this album in his recent interview, he sort of indicated at Tran by saying he doesn't need a girl who would use him to her advantage and that he would like his new girl to be more private.

"I think for me a public relationship is only good for certain things. It's only good for people's approval. It's not what I'm trying to do. I'm not going to get with a girl just because society says 'Look how cute they look and this and this," he said.

If you recall, Tran and Brown broke off at the beginning of 2015 when the "International Love" singer found out that he had become a dad and after this very public break-up, there were reports about how the model used the "being a celebrity's girlfriend" tag to get a career boost.

But this time, it looks like Brown wants to handle it differently. "I think if I were to ever settle down and focus on a relationship with another female, she would have to ... There would be certain things she would have to understand — my daughter comes first. My career comes second," he said.

"She would have to be stable and secure enough with herself to be like 'Ok, cool. We know the common goal. I know this person loves me, and I don't need to get Instagram followers. I don't need to get a candid shot with this person to prove that I'm affectionate' or whatever it is," he added.

Well, it's not about getting back together with Rihanna or Karrueche Tran — it's clear that Chris Brown is now totally focused on Royalty and his career.