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Chris Brown shocked his fans when he allegedly made a racist and ethnic joke on his girlfriend Karrueche Tran. In what could be called a harmless joke, Brown posted a photo of a car selfie with Tran in the driving seat. The singer captioned the photo as "This b*tch scares me when she drive!! #goodluckeverybodyelse."

In the photo Tran could be seen holding her hair in front of her face. The use of hashtag goodluckeverybodyelse seemingly refers to a "Family Guy" episode where a joke was made on an Asian female who was driving a car. Before starting the car she jibes, "good luck everybody else" and then cuts traffic lanes and bangs into other cars causing accidents.

Fans think if that was the case then Brown should refrain from making such thoughtless jokes as it could hurt people's sentiments.

Meanwhile, various reports suggest that Brown is trying to put his best foot forward as far as his relationship with Tran is considered.

"She told him how she felt about a few guys he used to hang with, and voila, they're not in the picture. When he's not in the studio or with his lawyer or doing something relating to work and his career, he's home with her. It's a great connection they have," a source told HollywoodLife.

Furthermore, it is being suggested that Brown is planning to move in with Tran. The couple apparently wants to stay together in a secluded place where everything appeals to their taste.

"He wants to take a more laid-back and relaxed role with his new place and to let Kae put her touch on it," a source revealed to the Website. "He wants it to be a dream home, an industrialized space that he and Karrueche can furnish and build together. His Hollywood home was cool but was more 'him' — a bachelors pad. And even though she loved it, it wasn't homey or a place for them to really lay down roots.

Tran and Brown are understood be together since last year. However, they are taking things as they come and are not planning a family as of yet, say reports. 

"Chris and Karrueche are being safe with that sh*t because the absolute last thing he wants is to mistakenly get her pregnant," another source told the Website. "He's been very clear with her about that and she agrees and they're both on the same page when it comes to that."