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Popular R&B singer, Chris Brown has reportedly checked out of residential rehab as he is expected to complete 1000 hours of community service prescribed to him for the 'Rihanna' case. However, he will continue his 'anger management' treatment as an outpatient, according to several news reports.

"Chris is continuing his rehab program as an outpatient. He appreciates all of your encouragement and support," Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer told the NY Daily News.

The 'Don't Wake Me Up' crooner checked into an unidentified rehabilitation center after he escaped a possible prison sentence for getting involved in a fist-fight late last month. Assault charges were reduced to misdemeanour after the singer pleaded not guilty in the case.

Brown is currently on probation for beating up his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and was put on probation. He was prescribed 1,400 hours of community service and was also charged in a hit-and-run crash, earlier in 2013. This resulted in an additional 1,000 hours of community service for the singer.

His recent D.C. brawl could affect his probation report negatively. The California probation officer will prepare a report for the Los Angeles Judge (Rihanna case Judge), who will decide if he has violated probation. If the verdict goes against Brown, he will have to serve at least four years in prison, reports CBS News.

But the woes don't end there. Earlier in June, an Orange County Resident, Deanna Gines filed a lawsuit against Brown claiming that the 'Forever' singer had assaulted her in a night club. However, Brown denied all the charges and counter-sued the woman recently stating that he had never touched or even interacted with the 'drunken' woman, reports

According to Daily News, Brown's defamation lawsuit claims:

Ms. Gines was observed by witnesses as being heavily intoxicated and falling over herself in a drunken stupor throughout the night," the lawsuit says. "Ms. Gines was observed by witnesses haphazardly screaming, 'F-K Y'ALL,' to employees of Heat Ultralounge and throwing her clothing at security.

Ms. Gines is either a complete liar seeking a payout or attention (or both) from Mr. Brown, or Ms. Gines seeks to deflect blame for her own humiliating drunken escapades.

Brown is due in the Los Angeles court Wednesday. His community service hours were scheduled to take place in his native, Virginia but will now be completed in Los Angeles, reports Washington Post.