Saroj Khan
Saroj Khan angry for being spoofed in 'Happy New Year'Saroj Khan/ Twitter

While the audience and makers are enjoying the comedy "Happy New Year" has to offer, choreographer Saroj Khan is certainly not in the mood to laugh.

Apart from the larger-than-life masala entertainers, Farah Khan is known for the spoofs she likes to pull on her industry colleagues. While Manoj Kumar gave her a tough time by dragging the matter to court after being mimicked in "Om Shanti Om", looks like Saroj is all set to create a scene of an act done in jest.

"Farah Khan is so frustrated. I saw what they did on the TV show. Does this kind of behaviour suit her? I really feel sorry for these people. I don't know what they stand to gain from targeting me in this way," DNA quoted the ace dance master.

While Bollywood's inability to laugh at itself still continues, Saroj has her reasons to be angry as she was made fun of twice in a row. On Kapil Sharma's "Comedy Nights with Kapil", Kiku Sharda posed as the talented choreographer wearing a wig and prosthetic hip and in "HNY" she was seen teaching a few dance steps to Shah Rukh Khan and his team of losers.

"Why target me? Why not Ganesh Acharya? He's more overweight than me. And please come and see me now. I am slimmer than Farah Khan," she added.

The Farah-Saroj enemity goes back a long way. The senior dance master, who was roped in to choreograph "Pehla Nasha" for Aamir Khan's "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar", had to rush to another city to fulfill her professional commitments and so Farah was asked to pitch in a few steps for the song.

"Her brother Sajid keeps talking about this incident during the shooting of Mansoor Ali Khan's Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. But it did not happen the way the brother and sister say it did. The steps for Pehla Nasha, which Farah claims to have done, were originally mine," Saroj revealed.