Chiyaan Vikram
Chiyaan VikramPR Handout

Actor Chiyaan Vikram's upcoming film Kadaram Kondan will be released on July 19. The actor was in Hyderabad for its promotions. The Telugu version of the film is titled Mr KK. Here's what Chiyaan said in a chit-chat about the film.

In Kadaram Kondan, are you playing a protagonist with negative shades?

My role has various shades and that is why I said yes to it. The trailer just gives you a glimpse of my role. My roles have both positive and negative shades. This is one of the best roles I have played in my career. Good things about the film are my role and the script. This film is more like a Hollywood one and has international standards. So my role and its shades are shaped up in such a way that they add a lot of important aspects to the story. It is definitely one of the best roles I have played till now.

What were Kamal Haasan's observations after watching the first copy?

He was very thrilled. In fact, he was the one who was offered this film first, but because he entered politics, he couldn't do it. So it came to me and I did. He was very happy after watching the first copy and said that the role suits me a lot. He also called me effortlessly stylish. I don't think he praised any actor as much me. I was happy listening to his praises.

What makes you keep changing your looks for every film? Is it for the script or because you want to?

I like to be stylish and that has been inculcated within. It feels good to be stylish and I like it that way. So I prefer having different looks in every film. I make sure I complete one film and then go to another so that I get the chance to keep changing my looks. I don't like to repeat.

How was working with a young director like Rajesh?

He is very clear and particular about what he wants. The technical knowledge he has is very vast. He doesn't complicate situations and scenes but makes them easy to work. He didn't make any changes in the script and it was exactly what he narrated to me. Young talent always impresses me. I am glad to be working with someone like him and he has a long way to go.